Saturday, 22 December 2012

The Ordinary Becomes Extraordinary

    The Ordinary Becomes Extraordinary

Today in The Gallery Liverpool was Andrew Logan’s Exibition “Welcome to my World”. It was presented by homotopia as part of the independents “Liverpool Biennial festival 2012″.  Andrew Logan is a popular painter, sculptor and performer.  The first space in the gallery has been devoted to a celebration of Andrew Logan’s highly influential pageant the alternative Miss World. Devised in 1972 and premiered in his studio the sporadic spectacle of innovative appearance has continued for 40 years.

The ordinary becomes extraordinary as contestants are encouraged by Andrew to push the boundaries of presentation and performance in categories of poise, originality and personality.

Andrew Logan is the founder of the Alternative Miss World in 1972, he became a key figure in London’s cultural and fashion life.  He notably influenced film-maker Derek Jarman, whose early film-making work documented the social scene around Andrew Logan and his studios at Butler’s Wharf, London. His studios were also where Malcolm McLaren and Vivienne Westwood staged the notorious Valentine’s Ball in 1976, at which the Sex Pistols first came to media attention. In 1991 a major retrospective of his work was held at the Museum of Modern Art, Oxford. The purpose-built Andrew Logan Museum of Sculpture.

Since the early Nineties, Andrew Logan has continued to exhibit his sculptures and jewellery all over the world including Saint Petersburg in Russia,  India, Beverly Hills and in Los Angeles etc.  His work has been shown in and commissioned by international galleries, including the American Visionary Art Museum in Baltimore, the Flower East Gallery in London, the Victoria & Albert Museum,   the National Portrait Gallery, Sotheby in London and the Royal Academy of Arts etc.

 Andrew’s sculptural work is  the mighty presence of Maria Callas dominates the space which contains four other wall mounted mirror portraits of legendary women; Irene Worth, Amanda Lear, Marlene Dietrich and close friends  including Cultural Journalist Svetlana Kunitsyna and Model Ulla Larson. This existentially engineered work was produced between 1989 – 2012 the most recent being of  April Ashley which premiere was in Liverpool.

And today Homotopia premiere and retrospective show Andrew ‘s portraits and sculptures  in The  Gallery Liverpool.

A. Logan’s  Exhibition’ “Welcome  to my world” is most theatrical,  beautiful,  wonderful and  romantic exhibition.
Finally, the exhibition was most important because here Logan’s general idea was  that; human is both male and female. all men have a female side and all women have a male side.

Khatia Shiukashvili
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