Sunday, 27 January 2013

A Four Messages For All Humanity! :)

How far do you think? ...

1.  Message 

Charlie Chaplin is a  Legend, Icon & most recognizable human being of the 20th Century, and i think it's very greatest speech ever made Charlie Chaplin... it's one of the most inspirational speeches in recorded history was given by a comedian by the name of Charlie Chaplin in the movie "The Great Dictator"....
the speech i watched 100 times, because i  share it and  i really love it....  and i love the great man and truly great name Charlie Chaplin....
P.s  i discovered that  he was not a murder  how J. Lennon, how J. Kennedy, How M. Gandhi, How M. L. king..  oh, really thankful... it's really big hope... for me....
    K. S

(Albert Einstein and Charlie Chaplin) 

2.  Message

 Non Violence!  

 ( Vegetarian friends:)

 Mahatma Gandhi' s The Philosophy of Non Violence

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