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Red Art Under Stalin

 Red Art Under Stalin

1.  (USSR - Propaganda)

An Unforgettable Meeting.  Artists I.Brodsky, A. Gerasimov, E. Katsman at Stalin’s Dacha. 1951

by   Dmitri Moor, Soviet political agitation art- 1921 Russian State Library, Moscow.

Gustav Klutsis’s “Electrification of the Entire Country” (1920)
a photomontage of Lenin.

Art -  15 Incredible Soviet Era Magazine Covers, jesus out.

Arkady Plastov - Collective-Farm Festival,   1937

The desert of forbidden art - by MatthewLucas Filmography.

Long Live Soviet Physical Culture, 1934

Isaak Brodsky - Stalin

Isaak Brodsky - Speech by Lenin at a Rally of Workers

Isaak Brodsky - Died Lenin,  At the Coffin of the Leader , 1925

KonsomL - Vyacheslav Mariupolsky, Young Pionieer Leader,1949.

Apparently you never knew when Hitler himself might be listening under the table, on the telephone wires, in the luggage rack on the train or even sitting behind you on the bus

Isaak Brodsky - The Execution of the Twenty Six Baku Commissars

Long Live the Stalinist Order of Heroes and Stakhanovites.

Our cause is just, Fight to the death, Let courage of our great ancestors inspire you. Stalin.

Save Our Children

 Soldier, we wait for you days and nights

For blood and tears of our kids German occupiers will die.

Heroic Red Army soldiers and loyal partisans are shown here under Stalin’s watchful gaze. Stalin is portrayed here as the father of his people)

  Soviet Art -  Back in the USSR

2. Art Under Stalin

 The Wide Expanse (1944)
 Aleksandr Deineka
(Another example of Socialist Realism. Again the painting does little in terms of experimental content or style, instead offering an idealized vision of Soviet society.)
 Alexey Varlamov - Lenin and Children

"Sarcophagus From Armazi" 
 by Georgian Artist Lado Gudiashvili, 1951

Low Marks Again, 1952 , by F. Reshetnikov

Roses for Stalin Stalin
(Socialist Realism) 

 'Praised be the Great Stalin'. by Yuri Kugach, 1950.

 An Unforgettable Meeting with Stalin.

Arkady Plastov - Harvest, soviet art

 Arkady Plastov - Tractor Drivers

Model with red hair by the mirror - Pyotr konchakovski-1928

 Sergey Marshennikov  IL NUDE IN ART
(Art After Stalin)

Sergey Dmitrievich Merkurov , was a People's Artist of the USSR, his Leo Trotsky.

'Palace of the Soviets' (People)
(Tatlin big monument, Soviet Union's communist architecture.)

Art Under Putin, 2004

Artist Zurab Tsereteli with his bronze sculpture of Putin, 2004

  Russias President Dmitry Medvedev applauding Georgian Sculptor Zurab Tsereteli after presenting him Monday with an Order for Services to the Fatherland. :) Tsereteli's Motherland is Georgia.  
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