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Restoration & Reaction In The USA

Restoration & Reaction In The USA

'The first one that I shot was the camera that I borrowed from the Museum of the Moving Image. I placed it on my friend Jimmy DeSana, who taught me about photography. It seemed so fitting to put the camera on top of him, put him in a pair of white tights, and photograph him as Jimmy the Camera.'
Laurie Simmons
"Walking Camera' 1987

Politics in the Art of Barbara Kruger

Lucy Lippard; 
Artists alone can’t change the world.  Neither can anyone else, alone.  But we can choose to be part of the world that is changing.  There is no reason why visual art should not be able to reflect the social concerns of our day as naturally as novels, plays, and music. . . [T]he more sophisticated artists become, the more they are able to make art that works on several levels. They can make specific artworks for specific audiences and situations, or they can try to have their cake and eat it too, with one work affecting art audiences one way and general audiences another.  . . Art that is not confined to a single context under the control of market and ruling-class taste is much harder to neutralize.  And it is often quite effective when seen within the very citadels of power it criticizes. 

 The Ramones, CBGB's, New York City, 1977,  A performance by four leather jacket-clad punks from New York that changed the music world forever. . .

Robert Mapplethorpe & Patti Smith

Patti Smith "Free Money"
Robert Mapplethorpe "A season in hell"
               (Just Kids)

LARRY CLARK'S Photography

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