Friday, 25 July 2014

Liverpool's Giant Spectacular -2014

  Liverpool's Giant Spectacular - 2014 
(23 -27 july)
 The Sea Odyssey started two days ago  The well known Giants returned on the streets of Liverpool.
The Giants-  marionettes authour is Paris born Artist & writer Jean-Luc Courcoult
  the giants were last in Liverpool in April 2012, About 800,000 spectators visited Liverpool for Sea Odyssey in 2012.... Memories of August 1914 will tell the story of the Liverpool Pals, the 5,000 local men who answered Lord Kitchener's call to arms at the beginning of World War one.
About 800,000 spectators visited Liverpool for Sea Odyssey in 2012 and show was said to have generated £32m for the local economy... Liverpool's residents said; People like to talk about the past, history and keep them alive..

The Sea Odyssey giants which captured the imagination of hundreds of thousands of Merseysiders is as part of this year's World War I commemorations. The five-day spectacle, called Memories of August 1914, It's 100th anniversary. too.

The Giants organisers  said that The Sea Odyssey story - show continues with the Little Girl Giant and her pet dog Xolo and the Grandmother on Albert Dock and down the River Mersey to close the 2014 Giant Spectacular at around 12:30pm on Sunday.

In the photo; Little Girl Giant goes to bed in Kings Dock as sunsets against Anglican cathedral. Not long now until the Giants return to the Liverpool streets..

 Sleeping Giant Girl in Chinatown, Liverpool - 2014
by k. Shiuka

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