Thursday, 5 January 2017

The Art Works From The Russian Constructivist Art Movement

The Tatlin Tower was designed by Russian Constructivist and artist Vladimir Tatlin

 Lubov Popova's design for The Magnanimous Cuckold

  The Pianist. 1915, by Liubov Popova 

  'Symphony of a Big City,' 1928, Georgii and Vladimir Stenberg,

1928 Mospolygraph Pencils (Anonymous)

Varvara Stepanova  (1894–1958) was among the leaders of the Constructivist movement. Her husband  was Aleksander Rodchenko. she is well  known for her textiles designs and theatrical costumes and posters.

Aleksandr Rodchenko's Design

Liubov Popova Textile Design c.1924

Vassily Kandinsky - Composition VIII, 1923

Wassily Kandinsky. Transverse Line, 1923

Bureau and Room by Kazimir Malevich-1913 ( Born in Ukraine). 

 The Russian Constructivist Art Movement 

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