Sunday, 26 March 2017

Happy 60th anniversary to the European Union!

 Happy 60th anniversary to the European Union!  ✌️ <3 ☮  🇪🇺
 25 March 1957
The European Union nations and top officials marked the 60th anniversary of Treaty of Rome, the 60th birthday of European Union. The Treaties of Rome were signed on 25 March 1957 by  France, Germany, Belgium, Italy, Luxembourg and the Netherlands. On 25 March 2017, the leaders of the European Union met in Rome on Saturday to celebrate the 60th anniversary of the bloc’s founding treaty and demonstrate that the EU can survive the impending departure of major power Britain. The UK poised to start divorce proceedings, the 27 remaining European Union nations put pen to paper Saturday in Rome to renew their vows for continued unity in the face of crises that are increasingly testing the bonds between members. At the end of the session, all 27 leaders signed the Rome Declaration saying that "European unity is a bold, farsighted endeavor" and "we have united for the better. Europe is our common future," the declaration said.  Jean Claude Juncker said "Our parents and grandparents founded this Union with one common vision: never again war. It was their strong conviction that breaking down barriers, working together  and not against each other makes us all stronger. History has proven them right."
25 March 2017

Since the end of the Cold War, EU quietly and effectively became more larger and integrated. The EU was able to act with an effective single voice  on some foreign
 issues for example; The one most  important achievement of the CFSP of the EU is the expansion of membership into Eastern Europe. The EU as a soft power was effectively involved in measure to promote regional cooperation in the political, economic and cultural fields in Hungary, Poland, Romania, Bulgaria, Latvia, Estonia, Slovakia, Czech Republic. The EU boundaries has been extended to include the space of the ex - Soviet Union.  EU began with the six state, and in 2013 grew to 28, with population over 500 million. One of the main successes of the EU was the building of a non-aggressive political environment in Europe. The EU effectively rebuilt the peaceful Continent, bringing freedom, peace, security, and prosperity. The EU 28 Member States benefits greatly from the two greatest achievement of the EU - Peace and the Single Market. The EU’s influence on peace and security, since 1945 is the Union's proudest and biggest legacy. In 2012, the EU won the Nobel Peace Prize for advancing the causes of peace, security, reconciliation, democracy, pluralism and human rights in Europe..
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