Friday, 28 February 2014

The Holodomor History

 The Holodomor Short History

The Holodomor memorial in Kyiv. one of the darkest pages in Ukraine's history;
Millions of men, women and children perished during the Ukrainian famine-genocide of 1932-1933, an atrocity perpetrated by Josef Stalin’s communist regime.
The 1932-33 famine took place as harvests dwindled and Josef Stalin’s Soviet police enforced the brutal policy of collectivized agriculture by requisitioning grain and other foodstuffs.
The Holodomor (death by hunger - Hunger-extermination ) by its geographical focus and intensity, is one of the greatest genocides in human history. It is an example of the deprivation of the human right to food and embodies the human rights violations suffered by the victims of communism around the world.
Ukraine's authorities continue their efforts to bury this historical truth, unfortunately....

 The Holodomor Memorial In Kyev, Ukraine.

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