Monday, 18 May 2015

Ancient Sound, by Paul Klee & Portrait of David Hockney by me

Ancient Sounds 1925, by Paul  Klee    
Analysis, by khatia Shiuka
Ancient Sound 1925, Abstract on Black 
(140 Kb). Oil on cardboard, 15 x 15.
Paul Klee (1879 - 1940), a Swiss-born artist whose personal, often gently humorous works are replete with allusions and imagination to dreams, music, and poetry, is difficult to classify.  
Paul Klee was an artist who used simple approaches to convey artistic expression. He created "primitive art" that incorporated only the most basic symbolism and use of form to communicate broad, ambiguous ideas. Klee created thousands paintings and drawings based solely on his own imagination.  The artist used his brush to make lines and shapes to a canvas with no obvious definite idea in mind except to capture the instinctive feelings of his reaction to the sight. klee's abstaract artwork 'Ancient Sounds', the artist brought philosophy and artistic theory into his works. He let his imagination run free in this innovative style. His Artwork Ancient Sounds, the title suggests that this is something 'ancien.'. He presented with a magical world of total fantasy and surrealism. Nothing looks real, here, the subject is abstract, only pure imagination, and imagination doesn't always make sense to person imagining as much as it doesn't always make sense to others, (Imagination is not about common sense) all that is here are squares of colour applied paint on a canvas. Klee uses mostly dark colours, ton is mostly dark. I think the ton is alteration, here.  Klee altered ancient sounds. So, this is just abstract art. 

Portrait of David Hockney, by Khatia Shiuka
Pastels on canvas
Inspired by Paul Klee :)))
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