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Let There Be Lines (Major Project)

 Let There Be Lines
  Khatia Shiuka
Final Major Project; Let There Be Lines
( Artwork; Portrait of Poet, by Khatia Shiuka)

On my foundation course my knowledge and understanding about art and culture has changed and my analytical thinking has improved. Since I began studying art I have visited more museums, galleries and libraries than before. I have learnt artists’ biographies and artworks and, having learnt about their experience, examined their styles and forms. I think the experience of the course and my expanding knowledge has encouraged me to create my own artworks.

During my foundation art course I have learned different methods and materials and experimented with new methods which helped me to create my own photography, collage and digital and abstract artworks and sketchbooks. I have become familiar with screen printing and Scanography. I have experimented using new materials such as oil, stick and ink, and computer programs as well to create my own videos. Also Smart targets and mind maps helps me manage better my time then before. I think the skills which I gained on my course will help me to create my last major project; Let There Be Line. (173)

In my final project “Let There Be Line”, I want to explore abstract art through painting, photography and video. I will create black and white photography. I will review line in art and photography and I will use a variety of lines in my art and photography with mix of inner and outer lines. I will research abstract and surreal artists and photographers such as Armenian-American painter Arthur Pinajian, Russian Born French artists Wassily Kandinsky and Dadaist artist Kurt Schwitters as well as the abstract paintings of Mondrian. Other important artists include Andy Goldsworthy, for example his work “Wood Line” as well as Richard Long’s “A Line made by walking”. I will also consider Simon Faithfull’s “0.00 Navigation”.
I 'll research again American artist, photographer and film maker Man Ray who was a significant contributor to the Dada and Surrealist movements. I will watch again his short black and white film 'The Return to Reason', 1923  and  I will research again a German painter, avant-gardist, filmmaker Hans Richter and his' film 'Ghosts Before Breakfast' 1928. I want to use their experience in my art.
I will find out why we humans make lines. We can see lines everywhere! In art, in poetry, in music and in our daily life. Also we can see lines between people, lines between countries, lines between cultures, lines between art movements etc. I want to find out if the lines are natural or not. This is a route that I am passionate about my last project. (185)

I will be evaluating my work throughout project to ensure that I will use a range of different methods such as mind map and smart targets which will help me and guide my project. I will also take on a thorough evaluation at the end of the project, to review how successful it has been and I will ask friends and tutors for their opinions about my project to ensure that finally there will be a strong outcome. (78)

Time Scale For Six Week Major Project

Week 1
During the first week I will conduct researching video artists, artists and photographers. I will use resources such as Books, Internet, Libraries and Galleries. Artists will include Simon Faithfull, Arthur Pinajian and Mondrian.

Week 2
I will create mind map and smart targets.
I will visit in the Galleries.
I will start collecting my artist research.

Week 3
In this week i will create based my own photography black and white photographs.
I will create digital artworks based my own photography.

Week 4
I will start to create my own artworks and photography outside in the streets.
I will collecting my own artworks and photographs.

Week 5
In this week I will focus on my project. I will bring my ideas together and I'll put in sketchbook.
I will work around my final piece.

Week 6
This week I will make sure my last project and final piece is ready.
Get artworks and photographs printed and framed for the exhibition.

 Anaemic - meaning;  - lacking in colour, spirit, or vitality.
adjective: anemic suffering from anaemia. synonyms: colourless, bloodless, pale,  white, white as a ghost/sheet, 
  sickly, tired-looking, washed out,
( Marcel Duchamp's classic Dadaist film 'Anemic Cinema', 1926.)
lacking in colour, spirit, or vitality. inadequate etc 

 My Digital Abstract Art, based my own photography
                          Khatia Shiuka

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