Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Hate Shows & Christian Orthodox Priests Who Wanted kill Gay People

Hate Live Shows  & Christian Orthodox  Priests,
 Who Wanted kill Gay People In The Street, In Tbilisi/Georgia.

1.  Society abused he (gay) and his rights in 'Gerogia Got Talant',

2.  Hate speech in live show about gay people,
 and this journalist is still journalist, because for society hate is norm.
because society living in hate and for hate, not for love or tolerance..
And I think anywhere, anytime; hate isn't the answer, answer is the love, for any people..
P.s  Poor gay man, he said that; " I got ugly soul, because , I'm a gay, and i'm not normal".

And Christian orthodox  Priests who wanted kill gay people in the street, in capital city Tbilisi/ Georgia
Just i want say; It isn't Jesus culture, It isn't Jesus way, Jesus beaten nobody, Jesus Killed nobody, Jesus abused nobody.. that's all why i love Jesus.
. And I don't care he was mythology person or real.. I love, I love, he is big example for me..  I love Jesus way and culture, but not the violate churches and priests.. They aren't priests for me, never ever...
K. Shiuka

4. The Christian Orthodox Priest wanted killed Gay... but fortunately ordinary people saved he, (This boy actually wasn't gay, but Priest thought he was a gay)
P.s Ehhh, I Hate fundamentalism!:(((

Tom Robinson -  Sing if you are - Glad To Be Gay!
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