Friday, 6 September 2013


'British cinema has never been more inventive, subversive and downright confusing than it has been with If The film is played as a satire of institutionalisted English life, in which Mlclm McDwll's OTHER iconic anti-hero refuses to sit still and keep quiet in his boarding school which is being crippled under the weight of centuries of tradition. As the film continues and McDwll's character Mick Travis(who was to reappear in Lucky Mn! and Brtnnia Hspital) becomes more and more disillusioned with the state of affairs, the film becomes further and further removed from reality; are events real or is everything on screen the product of a pubescent mind?
Andrsn's wonderfully mundane direction stops the fantastical from seeming too unreal, and vice versa. At one point a corpse is revealed to be in a drawer, then is resurrected briefly to accept an apology, before lying back down - totally insane, yet somehow chillingly real. If... could be the greatest modern British film - there are films that make you laugh and cry, and there are films that make you roar with laughter one second, the next chilling you to the bone.
 No one has ever come close to replicating the raw power and genius of this masterpiece.'

  'Cant find you a job but we can get you into uniform'


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