Sunday, 22 September 2013

Sean Mathias's fim "BENT"


Sean Mathias's fim "Bent'' is a powerful and moving film adaptation of Martin Sherman's award winning stage play. Set amidst the decadence of pre-war fascist Germany, Bent is an emotional tale of love as three  men fight for survival in the face of persecution. The story begins during the 'Night of the Long Knives'. Max (Clive Owen) and Rudi (Brian Webber) are enjoying an evenings entertainment in Greta's Club. Whilst watching Greta/George (Mick Jagger) perform, the two men fall into the hands of Hitler's men.

(In Woman dress, Mick Jagger (Roling Stone))

Their escape forces them to spend two years on the run, begging for help from reluctant friends and relatives such as Uncle Freddie (Ian McKellen). Finally they are caught and sent to a detention camp. Within the confines of the camp Max meets and falls in love with Horst (Lothaire Bluteau). 

Their secret love affair, which begins under the most extreme regime, is as inspirational as it is emotional. 
Bent illustrates how the selfless love of one person for another can overcome oppression, even under the most extreme circumstances'.



 (Can you feel me, ....       I feel you)
Full move, Enjoy!

Mick Jagger's performance -  Streets of Berlin
( From "Bent")



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