Saturday, 15 March 2014

The Gulag Museum & Memorial

The Memorial to the Gulag

1. The Gulag Museum
In the small Gulag Museum there are paintings, photographs, clips and personal articles that bear witness to the Gulag, testimony to the sadistic and extreme nature of the Soviet penal colonies. The artists who painted them are, in some cases, survivors, and in some cases near relatives of the victims. The paintings tell a prolonged narrative: the knock on the door in the night, the family member being taken away, the humiliation, torture and death that followed, the interrogation of children, the degradation and culture of death, the sadism of the guards, the despair of the innocent.

2.  In Gulag (Camps) At least 14 million people passed through these brutal camps, not only as political prisoners but also for petty crimes, unexcused absences from work or anti-government jokes. Death rates in these camps were almost six times higher than in the general population, due to the harsh conditions described by the famous dissident and  thinker A. Soltzenitzen.

 ( dissident art)

3. Sculpture group "Parade of the Sacrificied" by Aurel Vlad, at the Gulag Sighet prison which housed high ranking political & religious prisoners.
Memorial Museum in memory of the victims of communism,,

4. Marina Tsvetaeva was a poetess who lived in exile in Paris for almost 20 years. When she finally returned to her beloved Russia in 1940, life had become dangerous and difficult. Few who returned escaped from Stalin, from the gulag or from execution. She did escape--by committing suicide. Today Muscovites are still leaving flowers on her statue, sitting by her home, in tragedy and despair.
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