Saturday, 5 April 2014

Don, by Nelson Faler

(Photo; Young  Nelson Faler :)
Windmills are my specialty, no man can outdo me!
I've practiced the art from such an early age, my Technique could
fill a 'page'. I've got a clue... as to 'why I'm here'...
A rope to climb, a ship to steer. 'Bring me my hilliard, my lance,
My spear'... The target is let, my purpose... clear!
It's an interminable road I'm on. This 'road less travelled' is
such a lonely one. God grant me the peace I need to make the
plan succeed, I'll take this one out and then proceed!
I could use a Peacock's feather to make this hat match.
I could've used a Sheepskin but, I think it would scratch!
I'm just an ancient soul... 'Out-of-the-loop' in the modern world.
I feel my past now, more than remember. It looms like a river,
stretching out amongst the reeds...
I see me, there in that darkling past, pulling off such wicked deeds.
I could have escaped it, the Past, that is...
There's neither trace nor trail!
But, I know it's there... I've seen the swale.

Nelson Faler
American poet
 P.s  Poem 'Don' (Quixote-inspired)
Don Quixote, by Walter Lantz

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