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Suitcases Art Sculpture In Liverpool

 Suitcases Art Sculpture In Liverpool 

It's liverpool, It's beautiful Hope Street  and The Hope Street's Suitcases Sculpture instaled by John King in 1998.  by LIPA (the old 'Liverpool Institute') and Liverpool School of Art, opposite is Blackburne House Centre for Women & centre for "dead Good Poets Society",where i had my poetry perfomance few times...  and i will be ther next week , again.. :))
(Photo 2; There is Paul Maccartney's , John Lennons and others Guitars.)
Sculpture is a really unique  that has layers of concrete suitcases and bags. Some of them are placed in two small groups as if they have been abandoned at a train station or airport.( I like it because i'm abandoned angry poet :)), If you take a close look at the suitcases you notice that they have some names on them, these names are famous people who were from the city of Liverpool , or  linked with Liverpool, such; Brendan McDermott, who was a painter and print-maker and taught at the Liverpool School of Art.
Charles Dickens (1812-1870) the author, who lectured and gave readings in the Liverpool Institute.
John Lennon (1940-1980), musician and member of The Beatles, who attended Liverpool School of Art.
Yoko Ono' ( born 18 February 1933) is a Japanese- American avant-garde artist and musician ( John Lennon's wife)
 Ther is; George Harrison (1943-2001), musician and a member of The Beatles, who attended The Liverpool Institute.

Paul McCartney (b.1942), musician and member of The Beatles, who attended Liverpool Insitute and was co-founder of and still contributes substantially to the development of LIPA (Liverpool Institute performing Art, sometimes people called just " Art College:)))
Josephine Butler (1828-1906), feminist pioneer in social welfare and the abolition of slavery.
Anne Clough  - women's rights champion (1820-1892) and her brother Arthur Clough (poet, 1819-1861)
 Alan Durband (1927-1993), who taught English at the Liverpool Institute and was a founding mover for Hope Street's Liverpool's popular Everyman Theatre which theatre reopened 1-2 month ago, and today looks great.
  Chambre Hardman (1898-1988), photographer, whose house and studio at 59 Rodney Street , i was ther two times, he was really amazing irish photographer.
    Stuart Sutcliffe (1940-1962), musician and early member of The Beatles, who attended Liverpool School of Art.
Sam Walsh (1934-1989), Irish-born artist who taught at Liverpool School of Art.
(Photo 4; She's my sheep, very clever girl, she never will vote pigs!:)))
 The Liverpool Poets: Adrian Henri (1932-2000)  Roger McGough (b.1937), and Brian Patten (b.1946) etc. I meet Roger McGough in Everyman Thearte ther was poetry Night.
. Dr Malcolm Sargent (1895-1967), Principal Conductor of the (later, Royal) Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra between 1942 and 1963.

 Sir Giles Gilbert Scott (1880-1960), the architect who designed Liverpool Huge (Anglican) Cathedral.9 Cathedral is very near my home, now and my home is very near with John Lennon's home!;))

 Margaret Simey (1906-2004), social and poltical activist ( Like me:)) who supported the founding of Blackburne House Centre for Women and lived near there, there is also other names etc, etc, etc...

Thanks and Enjoy

         Khatia Shiuka
liverpool, United Kingdom, 2014

 (It's me, college's break time...  sometimes i'm there for relax  :)) 

The Beatles Shop.

Hope Street, Liverpool.

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