Saturday, 10 May 2014

Hyde Park's Sculptures, London, UK

At Marble Arch, London you enter the surreal. Your first sight is a giant green's 11 metre high bronze disembodied horse head sculpture, at the north-east corner of Hyde Park, at Marble Arch
The horse & I :))

Me, myself, I and You, all of you.......:)))))))))

  This fountain statue of Diana the Huntress, It was later donated by a private owner to Hyde Park in 1906 and now stands in the Rose Garden, near Hyde Park Corner.   Was sculpted by Lady Feodora Gleichen  who was the first female member of the Royal British Society of Sculptors.   She created  this brilliant statue of Diana in 1899.

This fountain is near Hyde Park, london, and called Joy of Life, This couple are the central feature of the fountain, holding hands and appearing to dance above the water, it's really cool :) 

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