Tuesday, 21 October 2014

My Artworks :)

 My Artworks
I want use in new project; Strange body art" :)) it's new order from our art college.
k. Shiuka
P. s   I can't make more strange my artworks, or maybe i don't want it, because i'm not very happy with that project.:D
Looks like icon :)))  however it was my unfinished self - portrait...  Maybe myself is my only one personal Jesus..
My life showed me so.. so i have a powerful proof.....:)
I was myself only one defender, witness and advocate, mother, father, brother , sister, lover, faithful friend and soul mate and like mind person too ! :)))) So independent life, because i was dependent only myself .  freedom is mine and i know how i feel! :))))))))))))))))))))))))))

Johnny Cash - Personal jesus

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