Friday, 31 October 2014

Th History of Classical Liberalism

 41 Liberals; Boétie, Spooner, Böhm-Bawerk, Rousseau, Weber, Grotius, Humboldt, Adams, Tracy, Sumner, Voltaire, Ricardo, Bright and Cobden, Mill, Paine, Molinari, Mason, Mises, Garrison, Proudhon, George, Jefferson, Hume, Montesquieu, Menger, Turgot, Burke, Say, Locke, Acton, Smith, Tucker, Henry, Bastiat, Godwin, Malthus, Hayek, Spencer, Tocqueville, Madison.

1) The goal of life is human happiness and flourishing.

2) Personal choice and individual liberty are crucial in explaining and appreciating how society develops.
3) Commerce, wealth, and trade are preferable to war and conflict.

If by a "Liberal" they mean someone who looks ahead and not behind, someone who welcomes new ideas without rigid reactions, someone who cares about the welfare of the people-their health, their housing, their schools, their jobs, their civil rights and their civil liberties-someone who believes we can break through the stalemate and suspicions that grip us in our policies abroad, if that is what they mean by a "Liberal", then I'm proud to say I'm a "Liberal.”
John F. Kennedy

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