Sunday, 16 November 2014

G20's funny photos with Koala

G20's funny photos with Koala; G20's koala diplomacy
World leaders arrived at the G20 summit in Australia this weekend to help resolve serious global crises - but they stayed for the koalas.
Before getting down to the hard business of fixing the economy, ending the Ebola epidemic and getting to the bottom of the situation in Ukraine, participants of the high-level talks in Brisbane were each handed Australia's cuddly mascot for a photo-op Saturday.
All heads of state at the summit, from the ‘leader of the free world’ President Obama to the ‘Iron Chancellor’ Angela Merkel, proved powerless against the charms of the ridiculously photogenic animals.
Tony Abbott and Barack Obama at a photo op on the sidelines of the G20
Canada's Prime Minister Stephen Harper holding 'Jimbelunga' the koala before the start of the

Vladimir Putin cracks a rare smile during his time in Brisbane as he gets to grips with two-year-old Jimbelung, whose name means ‘friend’.

Angela Merkel takes a more cautious approach. It might be a wise strategy. From the Wildcare Australia website: ‘Koalas have strong razor-sharp claws that are capable of causing severe injuries, particularly to the face. They also bite – hard. Although they may appear docile, they are capable of lashing out very quickly.’
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