Saturday, 22 November 2014

The History Of The British Suffragettes

 The History Of The British Suffragettes
I create collage story about Suffragettes movement in the UK. For collage I used can, old papers, and photos from women's rights history etc for example photo about Emmeline Pankhurst was arrested outside Buckingham Palace, London during a demonstration,1914.
Also I used Suffragettes general slogan ' VOTE FOR WOMEN'. I used bike’s photo, because before in many countries girl/women had no right to ride bike, but today everything has changed but unfortunately not everywhere.
Bit about Suffragettes very popular slogan 'Vote for women',  The votes-for-women movement exploded in popularity the UK in 1903 - hence this year's centenary celebrations, but the story of the campaign begins before the reign of Queen Victoria.
Today in many countries politicians using THIS SLOGAN BEFORE GENERAL ELECTIONS, I personally think that Suffragettes slogan ‘Vote For Women’ was not about VOTE, It was more about equal rights, about equal opportunity, about gender equality not about VOTE. I don't against 'VOTE", Vote if you want it, but I think that; Vote isn't a guarantee of democracy, I mean that women in 20 century had right to vote in A. Hitler's Nazi Germany, in Benito Mussolini’s Italy, in Stalin's USSR but there wasn't equality and freedom, freedom for all and privilege for none, more many so called democratic countries wasn’t and aren’t democratic countries, today. Again where’s true democracy there is justice, equality, equal opportunity and freedom for all and privilege for none. Why I prefered story of women's right, maybe because 1. Suffragettes were really very brave people. Suffragettes being tortured and force-feeding when they used hunger striker in prison, more Emily Davison died after being struck by the King George's horse.
So it was hard put suffragettes incredible and heroic history in 3 piece, but anyway I tried.
K. Shiuka
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