Friday, 24 April 2015

GILBERT GARCIN - His Life Was Saved By Lines

( Artist reserch by K. shiuka)
 His Life Was Saved By Lines
Gilbert Garcin was born in La Ciotat, near Marseille, in 1929. he devoted himself to the business of selling lamps
until he retired at the age of 65.  He then wins a photography award and is invited to take a workshop at Arles with Pascal Dolémieux, with whom he learns all the
tricks of his new “trade”. It is then when the new Gilbert
Garcin is born: a surprising photographer for the sharpness
with which he decides to create and develop a character out
of himself pursuing one of the most thrilling and agile
works of photography of the last decades.
The Marseilles-based artist got his start in photography at age 65. In the black-and-white photographs of Gilbert Garcin, a solitary figure navigates spare-yet-fantastical landscapes populated with towering sea-urchin shells, puppet strings, and oversized flowers. To create his images, Garcin crafts a tiny model world in his studio, which he artificially illuminates “to make more real” and then photographs.
The images of Gilbert Garcin have the strange perspicuousity and intensity of a short story.
They have a naive touch,
esceptical, ironic and  funny. They are not dramatic but efficient, nor closed symbols but pieces of an open story, evocations of the emotion caused by a surprise. Choosing the black and
white austerity weighs in his favour: it allows him to
master the medium skillfully and puts his images within the
heritage of films that tell stories and are based on a
gesture, or a scape, a silence, a light effect, a stopped
scene. He managed to give his
character the autonomy, made him timeless, and the
apparently absent-minded paternal figure reforce the
proposal means.
P. s  So, His Life Was Saved By Lines :)) ( K. S)

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