Friday, 3 April 2015

The Rolling Stones - The Living Legends

I think The Rolling stones' fucking awesome still and we'll see what we'll look like when we will be that age (70s). They're still rocking! And generally the Rolling Stones never sold albums or a tickets based on their boyish good looks. They are part of world culture and part of world music history. They are the founder fathers. And who the fuck you're I've no idea. I can't pay for you 50 cent. But I can pay for The Rolling Stones concerts ticket 500 pound, despite that I am a poor student!  I can pay, because they are part of the real culture and I can pay for culture, not for the rubbish. So, you can see your Justin Bieber and One direction and others are really the living dead because their albums and photos are for sell just 1 pound or 50p, but nobody want it.. .  But Daily Mail is very busy doing racism, sexism, ageism, Face-ism etc.
 "Hey hey hey, that's what I say'. You can see/hear The Rolling Stones - Glastonbury 2013.  So here is our Keith Richards, Charlie Watts, Ronnie Wood and our Mick Jagger, he's almost 72 -73 years old. So when you will be 72 I hope you will be not in the dust - in "underground'!
They are the living legends, not 'the living dead'! But when you was born idiot, you will die idiot, I suppose!...
Oh, Yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! That's what I say! :))))
Khatia Shiuka

Mick Jagger in flight again onstage-wow! 
I mean who else can jump that high who isn't say, an olympian?


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