Thursday, 2 April 2015

The Peace Sculpture & The Yellow Submarine and The Dazzle Ship, Liverpool

John Lennon Peace Sculpture entitled ‘Peace & Harmony’– Liverpool, England, UK. Sculpture was created by American Artist Lauren Voiers.
The sculpture, also known as the European Peace Monument,   The guitar and the Dove is holding a white feather in it's mouth represents peace and harmony. Sculpture is very close with The Beatles Story and front of the Echo Arena.

P.s  IMAGINE, people who had a weak imagination killed John Lennon. ( K. Shiuka)
                 The Peace Sculpture, photo by K. S

      Fab 4 - The Yellow Submarine and The Titanic Ship 

Ferry dazzled Ship
♡✌️ ❤️ ✌️♡  Lovely Ferry dazzled by Peter Blake unveiled Liverpool, England, UK. Seven ship painters spent 10 days covering a Mersey ferry, carefully specified by Sir Peter Blake and the one obvious thing now is that no one’s going to miss it.
They’ve done it so beautifully and it looks fantastic. It is very exciting to see it.✌️♡ 8 million people haveseen two contemporary dazzle ships that were unveiled last year on the Thames in London and on Liverpool waterfront. Artist was chosen in part because of his long association with Liverpool, one that extends beyond his design for the Beatles album Sergeant Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club band in 1967.
In 1961 Peter Blake won the prestigious Liverpool-based John Moores Painting Prize – “junior section”, he stressed – ahead of artists including other british artists such as David Hockney and Lucian Freud. 
The dazzle ship project shines light on a story largely forgotten today. During the WW1, professional artists would paint wild patterns on British ships to confuse the enemy.  The project was commissioned by the Liverpool Biennial- Contemporary Art festival, and Tate Liverpool.  (British Ships Of The First World War HMS Kildangan in dazzle camouflage )

The Dazzle Ship
The giant artwork  "Dazzle ship’ has been designed by Venezuelan born, Paris-based artist Carlos Cruz-Diez. 
MR Diez said "I want people to feel happiness, because color produces happiness
 and i want them to associate that with this ship, happiness,  not war!' 
That's cool!
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