Thursday, 23 April 2015

You exist when you are in love. (K. S)

LoVe LiNe, By Khatia Shiuka 
Life is both a reality and a fantasy. Love happens based our dreams and fantasy.
Why do we dream?  
Or what love is, actually?
After when I recorded this film I started to think because love makes you think;   
True love has wings?;)
- No,love can't fly. Often you are down, but generally  love is ups and down, just like a life, and love is  life. You can't live and breathe without love. Love is water, love is air, and love is real, just like pain.
You exist when you are in love. Love is the proof of your existence.
Love's not a virus. Love isn't everywhere, it' happens rarely, But happens without a reason, love needs no reason.  
Love is responsibility, bitter - sweet burden. Love is a freedom. Freedom is responsibility, too.
True love sets you really, really free.
Love is personal religion. Love hates mask. 
Love kills, slowly. There is no cure for love and that's fine.
Love makes you stupid, but only in eyes of stupids.
Love is evolution - revolution in your head.
Love controls you, Love is the great conqueror. I have ever met.  Love is so strong, makes you very weak.
When you are in love, everything is you, and you are all, because no body is enough for true love.
When love begins? 
I think that; Love has no beginning and the end, love is endless. 
Love is more deeper than any ocean. More infinite than universe. More greater than god...
Love has no birth place or motherland. Love has no age, no face, no finite, no limit, no border, no religion, no race, no skin colour, no gender, no orientation. Love without boundaries :)
 Love is infinite ♡  a White ♡ space :))
( My hand and hat, photo by me :))
 Never seek love out, find inside you.
So,   If Archimedes needed a lever to move the world, Human need a love to turn things upside down, to move the world.
Khatia Shiuka
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