Sunday, 7 June 2015

The Collage Artworks, by Khatia Shiuka

Artist's Statement 

Let There Be Line
My primary aim was to create a lines in my art, photography and video. I've created a digital artworks based a unnatural, abstract lines. I also created photography, based on a natural lines. For the digital art I've used my own photography and contemporary technics and programs such as PIXLR editor, Photoshop, and other paint programs. Based well known artists such as Russian abstract artist Wassily Kandinsky, American artist Mark Rothko, Russian Suprematist Kazimir Malevich, I've created digital artworks. I have experimented American abstract painter Mark Rothko's colours, also based my favourite Dadaist artists’ experience, I have made a few collage artworks.
In this case my art is ‘for art’s sake’ and I only hope you will enjoy.
Khatia Shiuka 

P. s  So, Today, we have an Exhibition at the Arts Centre and I'm a little bit worry about !;((

In this case, I was inspired by the Dadaist artists such as Max Ernst and Kurt Schwitters who is recognised as 20 century's master of collage art. I made huge collage and next I pick some details in artwork. Dadaist artists used different materials in art, such as old papers, pictures, ticket etc. I used a lots of old pictures, my own photos which I took before in the Manchester art gallery and my friend's portrait.  Also I used other pictures and pencils etc. ( K. S)

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