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Complementary Colours

Complementary Colours
( Khatia Shiuka)
( Color Wheel - The relationship between colors)   ...)

Complementary colors are located directly across from each other on the color wheel Eg; red and green, violet and yellow, blue and orange.

Complementary pairs contrast because they share no common colors. For example, red and green are complements, because green is made of blue and yellow.
One sees the use of complementary color schemes in every aspect of our lives. During Christmas, red and green become inseparable, proving the simplicity and ease of complementary color schemes.  
The use of gold on a rich blue background was a favorite of renaissance painters. Early evening or seasonal paintings utilizing the yellow and violet color scheme was common among impressionist painters like Monet and Serrat.
 * Two colours, placed side by side, will appear differently depending on which colours are used.
The effect of this interaction is called simultaneous contrast.
Simultaneous contrast is most intense when two complementary colours are juxtaposed directly next to each other.
For example, red placed directly next to green, if you concentrate on the edge you will see a slight vibration. Your eye doesn’t like resting on the edge. The two complementary colour in their purest, most saturated form don’t sit well together, generally.


Waiting For Nothing
     by khatia shiuka

The main point of focus of this work is to express a feeling and to create a noise lines, based a natural lines.
( Waiting For Nothing, by Khatia Shiuka)
I used Orange (complementary) and  blue (primary),  accentuate each other in my digital art 'Waiting For Nothing'. In this example I have used a very bold use of colour eg;  The warm bright orange and a bright blue. I wanted to create a visual balance. I used the colour wheel to heighten the visual effect of simultaneous contrast. I wanted to move  viewers eyes around the work. The sky  have a very strong saturated orange. For the river I have used mix orange and blue colors effect.  For the ground I used a warm bright blue color.
This creates a nice visual balance,  also interest for our eye, for example, blue and instead of using its direct complement (orange) we split the colour wheel and use the next colour along. For this example that would be a yellow orange. In this case the contrast of colors have created a vibrant look and an illusion of a warm sunset. In  J.M.W Turner's paintings (I researched in the previous project)  you can see how he has used a blue background to emphasis the bright orange sunset, too. In this case More i was inspired by American artist Mark Rothko, but it don't means my  presently artist research don't influenced me. Turner and and the new film about J. MW Turner also effected me and my works.
 So, in this work I have tried to express my feeling, plus between this two noise colors I created lines which was my aim. And I gained it, successfully.

(Colour Combination: Red - Orange and Blue (scheme)) 

( The Lovers space, by Khatia Shiuka)

Also the Red, and the Blue green (Bluegreen Vacations). 
I used same technics and materials. 
Just in this case i used The intermediate color;  Blue-Green 
 P. s The Intermediate colors are made by mixing equal amounts 
of a primary and a secondary color. 
Eg; This text is the Red- Violet  intermediate color. :))) 
                                         Abstract Art, by Khatia Shiuka
                             I used Primary COLORS; Blue, Red yellow and secondary color green.
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