Sunday, 14 June 2015

Evaluation - Art Project

My Major Art Project; Let there Be Line
              The Final Written Evaluation 
                                      Khatia Shiuka

My task was to make lines in art, photography and video. I had six weeks to complete this project. My inspiration on my major art project was natural lines, so I developed this idea into making lines not only in photography but in video and art , as well.

I used mind map and smart targets which helped me to manage my time and to evaluate my project, but I think most important ways of evaluating my project was the artists research. I have researched a few artists such as Russian suprematist Kazimir Malevich, Russian abstract artist Wassily Kandinsky,and French artist GILBERT GARCIN American artist Mark Rothko. In my Digital art and drawing I have experimented Rothko's colours. Also I have researched (again) German artist, and poet Max Ernst and Kurt Schwitters was a German dadaist artist, as well and based their experience, I have created a few collage artworks.

In This project I have analysis Swiss-German painter Paul Klee 's "Ancient Sound," and Australia's most outstanding artist John Brack's 'Collins Street, 5pm' and I have improved my critical thinking.
My Digital art was an important part of of the development of this project. I made my outcome by improving my photography and art into a more unreal. I did this by using technology and different programs such as PIXLR, Photoshop, Movie maker, Paint programs etc. This wasn't very easier way of making digital art, but i learned how to make art parallel work and practice. I tried to create new colours in the Digital Art, and in some cases I was successful, but I think I can create more creative new colors, and I will try in the future, again and again. So, I was happy enough with the online materials and the techniques i have used to make my solution adequate, but I'll use a different range of manufacturing techniques in the future.

The hardest part of making my major project was drawing on wood abstract art ( I was influenced by American abstract artist Mark Rothko) This was difficult as I struggled to get the right colors, but I think my materials was not the right ones. I was not satisfied when i worked on a wood, may because before I never had similar experience. In the near future I will try to draw again and I'll experiment new materials on wood.

Part of my research was a few dadaist artist and filmaker  eg I was inspired by American artist, photographer and film maker Man Ray who was a significant contributor to the Dada and Surrealist movements. I found very interesting Man Ray's short black and white film 'The Return to Reason', 1923 and a German painter, avant-gardist, filmmaker Hans Richter and his' film 'Ghosts Before Breakfast' 1928.  Also, part of my research was British artist Simon Faithful, after  research I created my own video art "Love Line' as my final piece (Video). At the start of making my final piece I thought everything was going to be aright and finished by the right time, but it wasn't so easy. I changed free times music. Also I've edited video few times, as well. (read and see here video art the Love line ; )

Generally, I am pleased with my final outcome, as I have spent a lot of time on it over the last six weeks. I like my video art which is my final piece and although, I like my photography, which I have taken in the Princess park. In this case I have represented the natural lines in my project. I like the colour schemes in my Digital artworks, which i have created based my photography and painting, but not in my abstract drawings.

I think, finally my major project is successful and If I had a chance to make any improvements, I would probably will be more carefully around materials and colors.

Footprints by Khatia Shiuka

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