Saturday, 18 May 2013

"My kingdom isn't of this world". . Jesus

 "My kingdom isn't of this world". . Jesus

 "My kingdom isn't of this world". . Jesus
P.s  No world and home is mine where violence is dogma, rule, tradition and value!;DDD
Evil Priests!:((


 'We'll always can going to back..... '


EU survey sparks concern over homophobic abuse..

More than a quarter of gay people surveyed in a major EU poll say they have been subjected to attacks or violent threats in the past five years. The EU's Fundamental Rights Agency surveyed 93,000 people in the EU and Croatia for what it calls the most comprehensive survey of its  kind. The results come on the International Day Against Homophobia and Transphobia.
 17 May, 2013  

Question Time - Gay Marriage Debate - Uk 

But here is 'big but".. And what is "Big But'?  Why hate Gergian people so much gay people??   I think the gay rights defence group in Georgia has, always " Porn- Propaganda" not about love and sex between man & man or woman & woman.. They always are busy about dirty Pornography Propaganda . 
Any Marriage is love, for me...  And Love is love, but pornograpy is pornography  not  "sex- ography" or something else..  Sex is sex, not  pornography..  
Finally, I think here guilty is  free 'Pornography Propaganda'  &  disinformation about  "Europe Gay Rights Movements".  Love is all, but love isn't free public pornography.
 " All we need is love" but not free public pornography!..    
And what happend in Georgia,  for me  isn't surprise, because hate rally = hate rally...
  I never saw porno  propaganda in the west Europe, in the UK, I never saw  public, opening, free porn propaganda in the UK. also UK's  social lanes; (Facebook, Twiter etc, etc, etc..) but I always saw In Georgia's Facebook free, dirty porn propaganda & sexism... 
Georgia is more, more, and more dirty than Europe or America...

 But I don't think so; People can't support  love... I don't think  

Georgian people and any people can't share true love. 

 I don't think people don't like great german author 

Thomas Mann,s  dark  romantic novel  & 

 Luchino Viscont's great film " Death In Venice",  

I don't think they hate it... 

Just Georgian people have only dirty porn propaganda & sexism,

because It's violence. 

And violance isn't love & sex. 

 Violance In Europe is crime, also hate is crime,

and  Georgian gay rights supporters propaganda also is hate.  

It's psychological terror for Georgian society, 

 which society isn't ready for free love & sex.  

And Georgian gay rights supporters want that;

 georgian society recognise " Free, public  pornography & sexism?

which ' pornography propaganda' & sexism is crime

 In Europe and America?...:D.:D

P. s  And If you don't support 'Gay Marriage', you can back in the mid century, and leave alone in 21 century free people who want true freedom and equality for all and privileges for none!:)...
 Or back in the heaven! I hope you can fly :)

K. Shiuka
United Kingdom

( P.s Here we go.. Another most beautiful love film;"Milk" about Gay People & movement;)  I love this movie, and you?????? Why not? xxxx  ))' 
I'm not a candidate, I am part of a movement. The movement is the candidate.'
'I'm asking this: if there'll be an assassination, if a bullet should enter my brain let it destroy every closet door. I ask for the movement to continue because [...] without hope the uses give up. And I know you can't live on hope alone, but without hope life is not worth living.'
'My name is Harvey Milk, and I wanna recruit you!'
- It's movie about Harvey Bernard Milk ( 1930 – 1978) who was an American politician who became the first openly gay person to be elected to public office.It's amazing movieeee <3

( And 'Total Eclipse' quite nice film about 

Arthur Rimbaud's & Paul Verlaine'S life,,,, 

I love this movie so much, why not, just i don't understand, LOL.:)) 

Kill Your Darlings 

Tom Robinson - Glad To Be Gay


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