Saturday, 4 May 2013

The lovely Kids in children's 'Care Home' & I

I want to be  "The secr
et millionaire"...............:)
Before very often I were in Children's  'Care Home".. ( This was not an official visit).  Once I took this beautiful kids out in the park, next in Zoo..  After i bought ice creams, and some sweet food, we played in the park (we used cars and carousels), after together we were in the restaurant, we eat nice food and we listen to music, and next bring them back in "Care Home".  They smiled  sometimes, ( because they had have hard "childhood", no child is happy in care home) but they were quite happy,  out this day and  I was happy because they were happy.... I am happy when i can give people a little happiness..  otherwise i'm unhappy.. Yes, indeed... i'm not happy today...
I want to be "secr
et millionaire" for children!;D;D;D
 K. Shiuka
( Pic; Avlabari, Children's 'Care Home')
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