Saturday, 4 May 2013

When Hate Is Rule & Norm In Society

  When Hate Is Rule & Norm In Society
(Photo; Hate 'speech' in facebook about Barack Obama)

 Youtube don't give me chance write my opinions about the former Soviet UnionI's Countries. they criticize America & Europe and i wanted to write there   my position, that; I know America isn't Holy. America have thousand mistake, but Anyway i love America <3 why??? because they recognised human's personal freedom & natural humans rights... and personal freedom &  human's fundamental rights is most important for me...  And   former Soviet Union countries's people doesn't know what is " Human's Natural Rights".  And  generally   former soviet union countries people is quite mental slavery people. They love human's segregation and discreditation. I don't care any goverment, i care whats think people.. I care people's behavior in daily life.... And i talking about people's mentality, now..  Former soviet union countries's people is very racist, sexist, homophobic, doesn't matter you are woman if man, they aren't free, they are mental slavery people, they have no gender equality, have no freedom, have no love & sex,  because sexist society have no true love, (because true love doesn't care human's skin, color, nationality sign or sex and political orientation)  because love is freedom, love is equality, love is borderless, love is all!  but they can't love, they more, no totally against true love than prostitution..   they can't love because they can't live without hate & people's discrimination, especialy different or minority people's  discrimination. They can't live without violence, you can see violence in family, in society, in street, everywhere, everywhere you can see humans segregation & discrimination.. it's norm, it's peoples lifestyle.. and people love it, because violence is fundamental tradition in former soviet union, including in Georgia,  violence is fundamental tradition in Georgia. Elementary; there people are not good for each other, people are not good for people....  They hate each other, and there hate isn't crime, there hate is society's first rule.

.K. Shiuka

Hate 1.

Gay people's discrimination in the TV


 Hate 2
From political elite; Gay people's discrimination

Hate 3
 Human's Discrimination in Georgian Church.  

Hate 4
Racist Father Tevdore about "Black People'

Hate  5.
(Candidate for Ombudsman  Dimitry Lortkipanidze's Hate Speech in Georgian Parliament. )

Hate 6.
The another, nazi orthodox Christian father said that; Europe is Godless and if georgian person isn't christian orthodox, the person automatically isn't Georgian and the person automatically isn't human etc..

 Jesus With 12 Followers.. :)  
 Jesus Had Only 12 Followers  
Georgian Orthodox Church's Members
Georgian Orthodox Church's  Followers..
Do you whats i mean?:D;D;D
K. Shiuka
United Kingdom

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