Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Art - Sculptures

 The Kelpies - the world's biggest equine sculptures, 2 giant horse head sculptures unveiled in Scotland

 And trust their secrets 

Public Art London

Aftermath of Warsaw uprising, 1944

Mary & Jesus... 
Cathédrale Notre Dame de la Garde/Marseille/France

 By J. Sacal.Mexico

Adam und Eva, Düsseldorf-Unterbilk
by Antoine Josse

by Igor Morski

 by Michael Moerke.Australia

by Javier Marin

by Elliott Erwitt

.By John Baldessari

Lost the head
 by Xue Jiye.1965.China

Heavy Heart
by Leon Bronstein.

The Wire sculpture
by David Oliveira

Love me
by Daniel Beauchamp

 Kiss, Tbilisi. 
Old Tbilisi, Georgia.
by Gia Japaridze

By Tom Bennett

 Oedipus and the shepherd Phorbas, france, louvre

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