Saturday, 16 November 2013

Thank You Suffragettes!

Thank You Suffragettes!
All men/women who used violence is very weak, for me.. because i'm a person, who recognised only mind's power.
(only heartless and mindless people can used phisical power with anybody; men, women, children, elderly people..
How disgraceful pictures from past history.. which is not only past, unfortunately...

The Suffragettes were very brave people, ever...
 Generally They used mind's power for fight , for human rights, (women's rights) for change..
K. Shiuka

 (Suffragettes endured hunger strikes and force feeding to enable women today to have many of the rights they now take for granted..)

( Emmeline Pankhurst is arrested outside Buckingham Palace during a demonstration, 1914)
(Some of the women who were force fed in prison suffered for years to come)  

P.s   Maybe some man thinks 'I'm a weak woman'.. because i prefered peaceful way, none violence way and mind's power? Oh no men!  I can beat 5 men and 5 dragons and 2 crocodiles, together..;D;D;D .-:)))
   Just I don't want it... :)
K. S
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