Friday, 1 November 2013

Dada Warning You! (K. S)

 I thought hate was crime in the UK... bu it's 21st century British fascism... I never imagine if it happening in the Uk, (west Europe)if european journalists can did it.. Fascists They're not  journalists for me, but anyway!:((
P.s human is not small..  I never was small, nowhere!... And it was difficalt, I lost everything, but anyway i'm happy because i'm a real human. Human is a dignity nothing more..
Our shit is together, and firmly in the pockets of the rich, who then point at anyone who might be a bit different to us to distract us from the real crimes. This 'demonisation' (look it up) was exactly how Hitler turned an entire nation against Jews, Gypsies, gays and anyone else he didn't like. Evolution benefits from free movement across the globe...Say No more hatek, racism and violence!
 Reject Racism!!!
P.s Adolf Hitler don't reject racism and he committed suicide!;D;D;D

  It's my new Art work; as a Journalist, as a humanist, as a
 poet, as a artist and first as a human, my Artwork I dedicate to Daily Express ...UK's newspaper....:(
  K. Shiuka

Nazi  West european Journalists? And  In 21 century??! Do you know how hard  and painful is it for me? I know you don't know, nobody knows... but where i'm going, where?!:D;D;D
P.s  Yeah.. Goodbye cruel world ( Pink Floyd)

Goodbye Cruel World, I'm leaving you today..
Goodbye anti-human world.. It's better;D
And Goodbye Nazi Journalists! it's more better! because it's the truth..But You hate the truth!;(

P.s Why Journalists should education, if anyway they are nazi?
What is difference between Racism and stupidity?:D
Both kills me...
K. Shiuka
(Requiem For A Dream)
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