Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Pete Seeger- " My Rainbow Race" 1971

 Bad day for true freedom & peace

Great man dead, peacekeeper, peacemaker, peace soldier, nonviolence, civil right activist etc and Journalists only said; 'Bla, bla, bla' so fast and finished.. maybe, because Pete Seeger wasn't similar Justin bieber?....
Pete Seeger wasn't similar Bieber, (Thanks god!)....BUt he was similar Martin Luther king, similar Mahatma gandhi, similar John Lennon, Similar charlie Chaplin etc.

Pete Seeger dies... This day is very bad day for true freedom & peace... and for me...:((  I love you man!, You are such wonderful soul...  ...you are unique... I never met similar human, in my entire life... And my country almost everybody loves violence... and how beautiful you are.... how kind..  You was the best - true activist and humanist etc maybe 5 - 10 person is humanist in this world...   ..
 I'm more lonely now than yesterday..
            k. Shiuka

This Land is Your Land

Vietnam protest song, "Waist Deep in the Big Muddy," 

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