Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Self - Portrait, by Khatia Shiuka

 Unfinished Self - Portrait
    by Khatia Shiuka
Arts Centre, UK - 2014
P.s I like it.. and I don't wanted finished it, but..


 I said; Poetry is art and art is poetry,
 And i try put my poetry and my mind in art, but i can't yet...
 because my mind is experienced and so far with my inexperienced hands... 
But i will try again, again and again.... 
because I want use art as a language with any people, anywhere and anytime... 
P.s It's my finished Self - Portrait,
 I draw today, In Arts centre, 
You can buy it, it's only 200 pound, now..
When i will dead it will be millions..;D;D;D 
Seriously take a chance, now... and don't forget 'Now' it's your time... 
My time starts after my death :D;D;D
Khatia Shiuka

 Finished Self - Portrait
 by Khatia Shiuka
Arts Centre, UK - 2014
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